who dyed the fly?


That would be me!

Hi there! My name is Pria and I’m the designer and illustrator behind Blue Firefly Design. I’m a right-brain gal with a left-field imagination, who has a  passion for all things creative. I love designing by hand as well as exploring through various digital media.

painting drawing sculpting photography software support devices
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These diverse skills allow me to work on a wide range of digital and print projects from developing effective and professional designs for corporate clients, to creating quirky illustrations that delight and entertain. Design can be challenging and sometimes you will get lost in the jungle, but it is always important to at least attempt the expedition because you never know where the adventure might lead or what you may find…

Who has a compass?

When starting a project I often feel like an explorer in the middle of the mysterious Design jungle. The expedition takes many twists and turns; navigating through research, experimentation and creation, all in an attempt to find an elusive creature, that combines nature with magic. enchanting the audience. When a project captivates, with it’s unique essence and resolution; then I know I have finally found The Blue Firefly, and all that is left is to share it with the world!”